Monday, June 28, 2010

First Step into the Spirit Suit... Ten of Spirit

If you are familiar with tarot, you would know the minor pip's card order would go from Ace to 10, right?  What would you say that it goes from 10 to Ace ?

Umhm.. I suspected so!   But seriously, I think the Spirit Suit does go from 10 to Ace.   Let me explain further before you have me hung and dried!

As I explained in my last post, I view the spirit suit as ascending from the center of the other four elements.

Now, let's flip this picture for a moment so that we are looking at it from the side and not looking down on it.

Now, what you see is a pyramid looking model.  (Please forgive my photoshop abilities.)

But let me explain the idea behind the Spirit Suit. Since the Virtues and Vices are taken from the tree of life, the assumption is that Malkuth is nearest the 'earth' plane, and therefore the place where someone would enter first. The Fool climbs up each Sephira, one by one, until he reaches the Ace (Unity)  which is associated with Kether.

The virtues are located beneath the "balance of elements" and threaten to tug at one's core beliefs, creating an imbalance within the four elements. (I didn't add it in, but you can imagine the Qlippoth located in the empty area below.

Virtues, by definition, are a trait or quality that promotes an individual towards their excellence. A Vice is a quality that pulls you into morally degrading behavior. In my view, and understanding of how these play a role in our lives, are to equate them with our core beliefs.  What we hold as true, in these areas, can certainly affect the decisions we make when we tackle obstacles in our lives.  I do believe that while our experiences in the four elements shape our core beliefs, they are outwardly expressed and manifested by what we DO believe within fifth element of Spirit.

10 of Spirit (Malkuth) is depicted as a man passing through a dark gateway that leads to a very mysterious inner chamber. He is being led by a Lady in white. This is associated with the Virtue Discrimination. A Keyword that I use to represent this card is 'Elitist'.

This association suggests that only the chosen ones will pass through this point. The ones that are ready to take this path. The ones that have worked so hard to achieve balance on the mundane level, can then take this path to learn the wisdom of the inner sanctum. This is a prestigious honor, BUT, the Fool will not look at this part of his journey in a prideful way, but more of something to live up to.

The Vice for this card is Avarice, or the insatiable desire to amass wealth. The Vice for this card can also be enjoyed by an elite group, but it holds a person to the Physical plane, rather than allowing the climb towards unity in the spiritual plane.

What an honor to receive this card. This is the doorway to the inner sanctum, that only those honorable enough will be called to pass through.  One of my favorite cards. I have to make it clear, that I am not an adept in Kabbalah, but, I am broadening my knowledge as I step into the Spirit Suit.

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