Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Plotting the Path of the Fool in A King's Journey Tarot

When the Fool steps out into the world for the first time, there is not some random order that he travels. There is a distinct path that he follows. Through my years of study, I have seen this path plotted in many different ways. Some I agree with and some I would not, but like any other tarot deck, there is a specific flow of energy that the Fool walks along in A King's Journey. 

Traditionally, you'll see the Fool's path starting with the Majors ( Magician to World), followed by the Minor Arcana, Ace through ten. The Minor Arcana may start with the suit of pentacles or the suit of swords, with no reasoning behind the flow.  

When I began to develop my model for A King's Journey, the flow became very defined, and as I plotted out every aspect, I noticed a mathematical pattern that stuck out. This, of course, leads to some unusual associations on the Fool's journey, but to me.. this only translated to interesting insights, not to mention that the correspondences now gave me a little more understanding into the energy behind the Fool's path.

In A King's Journey,the Fool starts out his journey stepping into the Celtic Cross Model at the upper right quadrant that makes up the space for the earth element. He then circles around the outer rim in a clockwise fashion. This outer rim is comprised of the Majors, Magician through Hanged Man, and the Ace through Fives, which are dispersed throughout their elements. 

The outer rim path, which represents the external influences that shape the Fool's belief about his world and what he knows about himself, ends with the Hanged Man in the tippy top location where it beings to flow into the inner rim.   I used to see Justice as a pivotal point in the Fool's life, like a doorway he must pass through, and in many ways I still do. But, the Hanged Man speaks out.. ' I'm not sure if I'm ready to move forward'. This translated perfectly as the pivotal point just before the Fool begins to travel the inner rim, which will start at Death. 

The Inner Circle begins (in the dark pink) with Death moving clockwise and ending with Judgment at the top of the inner circle, just as it flows into the Inner Chamber. The Inner Circle represents how the Fool's inner influences shape and form his beliefs about himself and his world. The Minors start the inner circle at the six of coins, flow through the ten of coins, and flowing into the six of swords, following that pattern through each element (with the exception of the spirit suit.) 

When he has finally returned home, during Judgment / ten of cups, the Fool enters his Father's threshold and into the Inner Chamber he goes. The Flow of energy within the inner chamber encompasses the Spirit Suit, World, Daath and Soul cards. 

Mathematically, this works out as follows :

Outer Circle = 3 Major Arcana and Minors Ace - 10 per each Suit (excluding the Spirit Suit)
Inner Circle = 2 Major Arcana and Minors 6- 10 per each Suit (excluding Spirit Suit)
Inner Chamber = World, Daath, Soul and Spirit Suit (10 - Ace) 

Does it seem that I have changed the way we look at the Fool's Journey? Indeed, I believe so. When I did this, I really had to look at how it mirrors life, and it really opened my eyes, at least to the experiences that my clients and I have had in our lives. Regardless if it is business, relationships or just my life journey, I've seen these patterns played out time and time again.

First, we  have to learn the social behaviors and learn to play with other 'children', learn the rules, form opinions and try to fit in. 

Next, we begin to struggle with how it affects us on an internal level. What are our beliefs, our personal boundaries, our comfort zones, our insecurities, and then we reflect on what where we've been and where we are now.  

Then, if we reach a place of contentment in our families, professions, etc.. we begin to climb into the spirit suit. Being accepted into the small group of people that are chosen to be the authority in the place that we are. That place where it is less about our own pleasures and becomes more about what we can give to the world to make it a better place. We redefine our core beliefs and live out our life's purpose.  

In a nutshell........   there's the path the Fool travels in A King's Journey.. taking him from being a Fool to living as the King in his Kingdom. 

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