Friday, June 25, 2010

Spirit Suit.. Motivating Our Path

As a tarot reader, I look at the how the four suits act out in my daily life. When I see a lot of coins, I think business, thoughts, responsibility,  education or just plain money!  It feels like grounded energy to me, as if I'm building a foundation.. and rightly so! After all, it IS the Element of Earth.

I work my way around the elements...

Air = Communication, speaking, writing, trust, loans, inspiration, etc.
Fire = Passion, lust, anger, jealousy, motivation, activities...
Water = relationships, dreams, love, hate, emotions, generosity..

All of these things are swirling and moving in my life.. but what is directing it?  Why must they exist in my life?  What's the purpose of it all?   What is motivating the decisions and choices that I make ?

For me, the answer comes from the Suit of Spirit.

When I started this journey of creating the King's Journey, it was heavily influenced by the Celtic Cross. (not the spread, but the religious symbol). The equal armed Celtic Cross registers most with me. I was so obsessed with this, you just wouldn't believe! James had to deal with me dragging him in and out of shops looking for just the right one! .

Anyways..I could see the four elements so clearly mapped out within the Celtic Cross.

You can think of each quadrant as a particular area of our life. But the middle.. that's what circulates the arms. There is the source, you know that point where the energy flows.  If you think of this as the human body, that is the core of our being. That is where our inner child lives, that is where our spark comes from. Our center, Our Core..Our essence...   That is where our Spirit Suit resides.

The Spirit Suit holds our core beliefs, represented in A King's Journey as  virtues and vices, that guide our life. It is what we try to live up to, and what we may not have a handle on. This energy flows through all the elements of our life as they branch out from the center. 

It is said we are to ascend the tree of life. I believe it is through the virtues (or vices) manifesting through the 'elements' that we have the ability to express our core beliefs, and our essence, in our daily lives. Core beliefs can change through the experiences we have, as it makes it's way back into our center. They aren't set in stone, but they are a force that lives within us that really can't be ignored. 

This is the foundation of our Spirit Suit. 

Here are the Virtues as defined in the Spirit Suit :

Integrity / Beauty
Humility / Obedience

Think on how these interact and motivate your choices as you go throughout your every day activities. You might be surprised at how they  influence your decisions and choices of what you desire, lust after, get angry over, want to write out, how it inspires you, etc.. Take notice of how your spirit motivates every aspect of your life. 

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